Staying motivated during your job search

Staying motivated during your job search

The concept of unemployment is very challenging for any individual. With this challenge comes a new mindset that is both confrontational as well as de-motivating; unfortunately this is only the beginning of what at many times will be a very difficult time for everyone. As human beings, research has proven that with simple changes in the way we perceive a situation we are able to drive a more successful outcome. Here comes that challenge for those of you that are either currently unemployed or facing the prospect of unemployment. Through research, we have identified for our clients that those individuals that adopt their job search as a job for their period of what is normally perceived as unemployment, they are more able to succeed in the job search. What these individuals did differently is something that does not come naturally when faced with the challenge of unemployment; however the results were extremely motivational.

What is it that they did differently to achieve these results?

  1. Continue to work a standard work day. Start your job related activities at 9 in the morning and complete them at 5; with a 1 hour break in between.
  2. Create a work day schedule. Identify certain tasks that you need to undertake each day and allocate yourself in “meetings” or at set times to get these tasks completed. Tasks should include: Applications Group interactions within your professional network Ongoing research on your industry Online skills development (Typing skills, interview skills) Research into industry recruiting specialists  Research into potential organisations for proactive applications
  3. Set the ideal number of positions to apply for each day. Target to meet this amount and ensure that each application is completed on that day; tailoring your cover letter and resume accordingly.
  4. Don’t let yourself be distracted by non-work related activities. These can continue to be performed on your non-work allocated days.
  5. Contact various people in your networks continuing to identify any potential for obtaining a position through the hidden job market
  6. Proactively contact recruiters and HR representatives of organisations that you identified as being potentials for proactive applications or recognised specialists within your industry
  7. Continue to write down and review your successes and contributions in previous positions to allow you to articulate these more effectively in interview.
  8. Practice your interview skills; recording yourself and critiquing your responses or working with someone else to do the same.
  9. Contact previous interviews to request feedback and recommendations for your own personal and professional development.

Motivation is key to excelling in your job search, however it is extremely easy to lose focus due to the lack of routine or understanding of how to approach the job search process. By making your job search your official position of employment during this period, you will not only be able to eliminate your feeling of dissatisfaction with your current situation but develop new professional skills that will make you’re a more successful and motivated candidate.

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