About Me

Rebecca-Fraser (1)Life really is about a journey and the direction we take tends to see us at times lost, at times excited and at other times pondering what we have. This sort of process is something that I am interested in; what do we really need as individuals to succeed? What are the skills of the future? What really is the globalisation and digitalisation, that 4 th industrial revolution, going to look like?

Employability and success to me are the key drivers for success but they are also the things that many people consider the least. There is a great deal of focus for us to get careers, to decide at an early age what we want to be, but I always ask the question “who are you and who do you want to be”. This question opens up a great deal of conversation at varying levels, from education through to senior executives. The outcomes, the influences, our values and our drivers all play an integral part on this journey we call life.

Professionally, I have taken many a journey and gone through many round-a- bouts, stopped at many a red light and driven over many a speed bump. I want to know what I deliver to others and when I know that I can add value; this is where I want to focus.

Up until 2016 I have run a successful career coaching and personal branding business. This was and has been an adventure. I have learned from others and myself, broken down many barriers for others and myself, but ultimately I have grown and developed as a professional. I now reach for a new adventure and have chosen to take this journey head on. I am excited, a little nervous, but most of all I have found something that aligns to my passions, my values and what I want to deliver to others, for myself and for the future. My vision remains the same but the delivery method will be different, more targeted and it will be a journey I get to undertake with others that are as passionate
about this as I am.

Change is inevitable in our careers but it is the willingness to see change as an opportunity to continue to grow and to develop that is empowering. I personally want to learn, to learn from others, to continue to mentor others and be able to share my passion whilst being enlightened by theirs. This journey is just beginning, but it is what I have seen throughout my past journey that has given me the confidence to know that this is the right next step.

If we all realised that taking this journey by the reigns and defining what it is we truly want to achieve I feel that success will be more fulfilling for everyone. Career development is like that, and really our entire journey is built on the foundation of this career development. It is the willingness to never want to stop growing, learning and developing that is exciting!

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